OE+ Brake Pads

The paramount requirement of a brake pad is to provide consistent performance and reliable braking across a wide range of driving conditions and environments. Comprehensively meeting this prerequisite, OE+ Ceramic Brake Pads are additionally formulated to deliver a quiet, clean, long lasting brake pad this is manufactured from environmentally friendlly raw materials.

Advances in vehicle technology mean that automobiles today are quieter and run more smoothly than ever before. This has increased the requirement to eradicate as much of the low frequency noise produced by braking as possible. The ceramic friction material, backing plates and insulating shims used in OE+ Ceramic Brake Pads are designed to specifically target and minimize the squeal and chatter which can be produced when braking. The same ceramic friction material has also been formulated to deliver a clean, long lasting brake pad which prolongs brake rotor life while producing minimal dust to maintain the cleanliness of expensive, modern wheels.


OE+ Filtration

It was a perceived demand by the industry for a quality automotive filter offering at more cost effective pricing that led to the introduction of the OE+ brand nearly 20 years ago.

OE+ quickly cemented itself in the New Zealand automotive aftermarket and proved that it was possible to provide a high quality, reliable product without the traditional prices associated with filtration at the time.

This philosphy still holds true today. Although the OE+ packaging has changed from 20 years ago, and the range has significantly expanded to keep track with today's ever evolving vehicle market and advances in technology, the quality and price advantage remains.

Today OE+ Filtration offers an extensive range of oil, air, fuel and cabin filters to supply the demands of the New Zealand automotive aftermarket.


OE+ Brake Hoses

With the advances in modern motor vehicles, including Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), precision maufactured brake components have become an important fcator in ensuring the efficient operation of the vehicle's technologically advanced brake system. OE+ bake hoses are manufactured in Europe to the highest specifications using the very best components and manufacturing process.

As a critical component in a vehicle braking sytem it is surprising how often brake hoses are overlooked during servicing and safety checks. Operating in harsh environmental conditions and placed under extreme pressure every time the brake system is applied, the brake hose is an item which should be checked and replaced regularly to avoid a rapid drop in the brake system pressure which could lead to possible catastriphic brake failure.

Brake hoses are part of the New Zealand vehicle Warrant of Fitness check and must be replaced if craks or leaks are visible. However, deterioration can also develop internally where is i not visible. It is an industry recommendation that brake hoses are replaced every 5 years (50,000km) to ensure that safety is not compromised by internal degradation of the rubber brake hose.